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“To whom it may concern,

Re: Pestwise
As the newly recruited Facilities Manager of Weatherbys Limited, I took the initiative mid 2010, to review all the contracts that had previously been in place for some time.

One such contract was for Pest Control and on looking for an alternative supplier to the current provider (a nationwide provider) I invited Rob Plosky of Pestwise to tender for the future contract.

This has proved to be a great success and the relationship between client and provider is excellent.

We have been able to find the perfect combination of actually reducing our costs and increasing our service level.

The response to any pest control issues from Rob is speedy and first class knowledge and the benefits of a local provider who can provide “the personal touch” is of great value to us at Weatherbys.

I have no hesitation in recommending Pestwise to any other potential clients.”

Gary Eldershaw, Facilities Manager – Weatherbys Limited.

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