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Here at Pestwise we are extremely experienced in providing a complete rat control service throughout Northamptonshire. Having a rat infestation in your home or commercial property can result in a lot of damage as well as the risk of disease. The most common rodent borne disease is Weils disease or Leptospirosis so if you suspect that rats have taken up home in your property make sure you get in touch with us as soon as possible.

As well as spreading these diseases, rats have also been known to cause damage to electric cables, roof timbers and the contents of your home or business. Rats can be controlled using baits, poisons and traps as well as ultrasonic devices, here at Pestwise we will often make use of all three to try and make the process as quick as possible for you, the customer.

Rodent Control Northamptonshire

Before we begin to treat your rat infestation we will endeavour to find out where the rats are entering your property and secure this area so that the problem is unable to recur. We will use a specialist rodent seal to prevent the rats from being able to re-enter your property and causing any more problems.

The presence of rats in a commercial premises can damage your reputation which is why, here at Pestwise, we provide a rapid response rat control service and will arrive at your premises in discrete vehicles and uniforms and get to work quickly to rid you of your rodent issue as soon as possible.

If you have found yourself to be the victim of a rat infestation in Northamptonshire make sure you get in touch with us here at Pestwise, the leading rat exterminators in the area and we will make sure we are at your premises as soon as possible. Call us today on 01933 388 177.


How Can You Tell The Difference Between Mouse & Rat Activity?


Rat Dropping

Mouse Dropping

typical rat droppings mouse-droppings


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