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A mole infestation can cause a lot of damage to your garden or grassed areas such as fairways, greens and sporting areas. Catching the infestation early is the best way to ensure minimal damage is caused. You will probably notice a couple of mole hills in your garden to begin with but these will quickly multiply so ensure that you get in touch with us here at Pestwise, the leading mole control company in the Northamptonshire area.

There are two symptoms that are tell-tale signs that you have become the victim of a mole infestation – Mole hills are piles of excavated soil dotted around lawns and on your garden, these don’t fully show the extent of the underground tunnel systems which can cover a surprisingly large area of land – and underground tunnels which can be found when digging soil or making a new plant hole.

If you find that you have a young plant that isn’t developing properly this can be a sign that there are moles tunnelling beneath it. You will also find that seedlings can suffer badly if the moles disturb their roots whilst tunnelling.

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An adult mole is capable of burrowing up to 4m per hour which means they can cause a lot of damage in a short period of time. The main source of their diet is earthworms so they tend to stay in areas that are rich in food and can end up staying for a considerable amount of time.

Here at Pestwise we offer a professional mole control service throughout Northamptonshire using tried and tested methods to rid you of your mole infestation problem. We understand the habits of moles allowing us to provide an extremely effective and targeted treatment.

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