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Having a mouse infestation in your home or commercial premises can not only end up being very costly but can also result in the spread of diseases. Mice can carry the same diseases as rats, for example Weils disease and Leptospirosis. If you think that you may have a mouse problem in your property then get in touch with us here at Pestwise, the leading mouse control company in Northamptonshire.

Having mice in your property can prove to be very costly as they can cause a lot of damage which can also prove to be dangerous if the problem goes unnoticed. Due to their droppings being so small, the fact that you have a mouse infestation can take a while to become apparent and is often only discovered when carrying out deeps cleans of kitchens or food stores or if you are having a clear out in the attic.

Hearing scratching noises tends to be a good indicator that you have a mouse problem and it is always worthwhile investigating this as soon as possible.

Pest Control For Mice

As one on the most trusted team of mice exterminators in the Northamptonshire area we know how to operate in a discrete manner so as not to make it obvious that you are experiencing an infestation problem. If you are running a business and word gets out that you have a mouse problem this can end up being very damaging to your reputation.

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