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We are proud to be an environmentally aware company which is why we are pleased to announce that we work closely with members of the Northamptonshire Bee Keepers Association and we do our utmost to protect Bees and their shrinking population. If you come across a bee’s nest on your property make sure you give us here at Pestwise a call as we offer a humane and reliable bee control service throughout Northamptonshire.

Swarming honey bees can become an issue if their nest is situated close to populated areas such as chimneys, eaves of houses or nearby trees. If you find that a bee infestation has become a problem we heavily advise that you call us rather than attempting to remove the nest yourself as we can offer alternative methods to destroying the nest, such as relocating it elsewhere to ensure that no harm comes to the bees.

Working With Northants Bee Keepers

If you come across a bee’s nest please don’t panic, bees are a lot less likely to attack than wasps, however if they feel as though their nest is under threat you may end up with some nasty stings. Relocating a bee’s nest is something that should be left to the experts which is why we have formed a good partnership with Northants bee keepers.

We fully understand how precious bees are which is why we will always try and come up with an alternative to destroying a nest. If you have found a nest on your property please don’t attempt to harm them as we can offer a completely humane removal service that will result in the bees being removed from your property without harming them and without resulting in painful stings to yourself.

If you require bee control services in Northamptonshire make sure you get in touch with us here at Pestwise. Give us a call on 01933 388 177 and we will be with you as soon as possible.

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